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Trying to fit my face with Taal Volcano’s silhouette.

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Snorkeling Experience at Coral Garden, Puerto Galera

Indeed, Puerto Galera has lots to offer; from land tours, to island hopping to para sailing, one of the activities I most looked forward to was snorkeling the Coral Garden of San Antonio Island.

Sadly, we were not prepared in capturing the beauty and serenity of the Coral Garden (empty battery for the Underwater Camera since we partied all night and forgot to recharge the battery)

These moments, I wish I have a GoPro, or a waterproof protective casing for my S720.


We were dragged by small boats along the whole stretch of the Coral Garden. We fed the fishes with the bread we bought in the port. Some  of my mates tempted to eat the bread since we did not have any breakfast that morning but opt not to because feasting our eyes with the spectacle is more fulfilling! Atleast that’s the case for me 🙂


I saw Dory, I saw Scar Face, but I didn’t Find Nemo



Mt Batulao’s Halo halo stops

Mt Batulao's Halo halo stops

It was the hardest climb so far.

Rough roads, dust, rocks, heat are your travel buddies. Each step of the way you feel more immersed to nature not until you reach a nipa hut where they serve Halo Halo and sodas.

Trekking Batulao

We set off by meeting at Nasugbu Batangas boundary. Started to trek from there to the jump off point of Mt Batulao. From afar you can see the Mountain with its 13 + peaks. Really a sight to see!

Also from our vantage point, the journey was a long one. We passed a community where each of the people even the little ones offer Tour guide services. We opt not to because we had someone who seasonally climb Batulao.

Maybe every 500 meters or so in our trek, you would pass by stores selling halo halo, mountain dew and other sodas. So in time we head to the old trail to climb the summit, it took us an hour or so because we almost stop every store.