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Hello Pilipinas, Hello World

Kudos Master Jeps! Nakakakilig ang paglalakbay sa Pinas!

Donde Si Jepepips (Where is Jepepips)

After a long long time of making this compilation of place where I’ve been. I finally share it to you.

Not that perfect and awesome presentation. Hope it can influence to go and explore the Philippines. 😁😁👍


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Signs of the Times: Welcome to the Philippines!

“Land of a Million Smiles”

Indeed, Umali kayo ittoy Pilipinas



One of the obvious advantages of traveling to other countries (sometimes even within your own country) is that you get exposed to the culture, history, and traditions of the locality.  Of course, there are other advantages like you learn to appreciate the humorous and lovable nature of the people.  When it comes to hospitality, fun, and humor, you can be sure that these come in huge supply when coming to the Philippines.  Here are some things that are unmistakably Filipino.  Welcome to the Pearl of the Orient where smiles are abundant despite calamities!

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My top 7 Waterfalls in Southeast Asia

I think, its time for me to chase some Waterfalls! Awesome article!


My top 7 waterfalls in Southeast Asia

During my year-long journey across Southeast Asia, I have discovered some magnificent places and true wonders of nature. Some of those, usually being a true highlight, were waterfalls. Their appearance was as diverse as nature itself. Sometimes mellow, pristine and relaxing, with their clean waters making their way down rock stairs and filling up crystal clear rock pools. Sometimes roaring, loud, gushing, almost brutally filling the air with fine mist and all so powerful. I have been asked if I didn’t get tired of seeing yet another waterfall. But to be honest, discovering a waterfall in all its beauty never lost its magic for me. It will always be a highlight which I will always appreciate, no matter how many I have seen before. Some of those highlights I would like to share with you here at ESCapology.

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Three months traveling the Philippines – Budget, Costs and Tips.

Definitely NOTED! Gonna save up for this trip 😀


Budget Philippines Recently people have been asking me about the costs of my three months journey across the Philippines. A little poll on my Facebook Page also showed that there seems to be quite an interest in this topic. And because I never went much into detail in terms of budget and numbers, I would like to give you all a rough overview about what I spent and how I calculated beforehand. First of all it needs to be mentioned that this is very personal and might change a lot depending on how you like to travel individually and what kind of things you are after when on a holiday. Of course, if you are after luxury and maximum comfort, then you will end up spending more than someone who is more a backpacker kind of traveler. The activities you do while on holiday can also make a big difference. Diving can be expensive and…

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Mt. Pulag

Since it’s my Monthsary here in WordPress, I have revisited my FIRST POST and Finished Editing it 😀 More Months to come!


The majestic Mt. Pulag.


Climbing this mountain inspired me to write about my adventures.

It was life changing. I see myself as tiny dot in a world full of limitless possibilities.




Trekking the different paths of this majestic mountain (mossy forest, grasslands, dirt and dusty rough roads) has been a food to the soul. It nourishes your inner self to be at peace with mother earth. It connects your life force to the great circle of life. It opens the pores of your spiritual self and absorb the air that is God’s love. Sounds cheesy but that’s how it felt. I’m serious 😐



Warm greetings of hi’s and hello’s. Wishing people luck and take cares are some of the things you will encounter climbing. You’re lucky if you get some advice and stories from strangers you meet. Some life lessons and some great tips!

You will see…

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