Run your Heart Out!

Yes! In this buzzing City, running/jogging is a prominent recreation. As a running enthusiast (ha ha feels), I found myself looking for the best place to jog and enjoy and early morning breeze or the tranquility of the evening sky. I haven’t yet join any running events here in the Metro. But soon enough, I will! and keep posted for updates.

So far, I jogged in University of the Philippines Diliman. Not only known for being a Premier school in the Nation but also the best place to run your heart out! Circle the place and you will see the Sunken Garden, UP Oblation, and more.

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Close to my previous residence in Visayas Ave, I also jogged in Quezon Memorial Circle. A lot of people go here for the Dancing fountain, Food establishments, small carnival rides, animal sanctuary and more. Indeed a very busy place yet you can still run lapse and enjoy with people around you merry and happy.


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