Panoramic Places

Making memories while panning the amazing scenery is my thing. Here’s some of my Panorama photo for my adventures this 2014!



At this Age.
I know I can’t offer much.
No stability.
Nothing to be proud of.

But please bare with me.
I’m still trying to build my worth.

Building it thru experience.
Owning up responsibilities.
Living in the real world.

– 23yr old me to 33 yr old me

Microsite for my Adventures

As part of a new found interest, I would be creating Microsites for the places I have been.

Technology to be used: Google Drive + HTML5 + JQuery + CSS3!

I’ll be creating micro sites on the scenes and places and people I have captured. It will be a challenge since I’ll make them with the different emerging web technologies!

My very first Google Drive hosted Web Page:

It is a simple Parallax web page. Find the right resolution to view the site lol. I’m sorry, laziness strikes so it’s not yet responsive.

 Mt. Maculot’s Superman



Seeing a Pattern

Is it me or things just Happen when I climb mountains?

After Mt. Pulag – I had Bell’s Palsy

After Mt. Batulao – While recovering from Bell’s Palsy, I had body aches and fever

After Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River – Super tanned skin color (lol just kidding, no sickness after this epic adventure)

Recently, after Mt. Maculot, I am suffering now from Prickly Heat.

My body seems adjusting and also trying all sorts of illnesses, just like me trying things and going places. just joking.

Whatever it is, I WILL STILL Practice A happy disposition, an attitude of gratitude, and a sense of Adventure that is DANVENTURES!

feeling Super human!





your secrets are safe with me…

that’s how it felt…



Trying to fit my face with Taal Volcano’s silhouette.

indulging your inner craving for selfies but with feeling: selfeels

MR. PRESIDENT of Selfeels

#superRandom #outOfNowhere #insomiaWriting #feelingInsomia



One fine day, I blurted to a someone that I hoard stuff.

From Invitation cards to tokens and rocks, or wedding souvenirs.

What’s more odd is that, I also hoard my notebooks from my Elementary to high school. All the chicken-like writing. Doodles and exam papers, I have them all. Or atleast a time. I think my mom secretly cleaned out my room when I moved here in the metro.

I find it very relaxing at times to just look back on things.

Those tokens reminded me how was life during grade school.

or how life in high school was the best.

and how fast the time have gone by

receiving debut cards, christening invitations and the like.

It was the only treasure I could think of growing up. “Memories engraved on things”