DIY Manila Tour

Thanks, LRT 1, Google Maps at kaya manong Good Samaritan.
Quiapo Church – Escolta – Kalaw – Luneta – Quirino Grandstand – Roxas Boulevard

One of the Oldest Bank.
One of Most Popular Church.
Iconic Tourist Destination. 
Major Land Railway system in PH. 



Run your Heart Out!

Yes! In this buzzing City, running/jogging is a prominent recreation. As a running enthusiast (ha ha feels), I found myself looking for the best place to jog and enjoy and early morning breeze or the tranquility of the evening sky. I haven’t yet join any running events here in the Metro. But soon enough, I will! and keep posted for updates.

So far, I jogged in University of the Philippines Diliman. Not only known for being a Premier school in the Nation but also the best place to run your heart out! Circle the place and you will see the Sunken Garden, UP Oblation, and more.

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Close to my previous residence in Visayas Ave, I also jogged in Quezon Memorial Circle. A lot of people go here for the Dancing fountain, Food establishments, small carnival rides, animal sanctuary and more. Indeed a very busy place yet you can still run lapse and enjoy with people around you merry and happy.


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The Mega city of infinite possibility

It was only July last year when I embarked my journey in Metro Manila.

A lot of reasons why I choose to go here. Definitely one of them is to experience the difference. The difference in atmosphere, environment, community, leisure, sports, pop culture and etc.

I had a lot of things I had seen and go thru everyday while I was residing here in the big busy city of Metro Manila.

I’ll give you inside scoops of how I manage to survived in this Urban Jungle. Maybe give you somethings you must and must not do. Eat and be merry at the righ place. Do what you love in the place where things go unexpected