Worth P150 gift for myself

Without qualms, upon arriving to Baguio 7am of the 31st of October, I went to get some vitamin F and vitamin S.


On my birthday, I had the strong urge to trek and chase waterfalls. I’ve stumbled upon http://www.pagnapagna.com which consists of plenty options to choose from in terms of chasing waterfalls within the northern and central luzon. I chose 3 waterfalls. Tangadan in San Gabriel, Budahaw Falls in Burgos, La Union and Towing Falls in Sablan Benguet.


I wanted for my birthday to atleast try a solo trip. And so I printed the itinerary from that blog and just followed them.

First stop was Budahaw Falls. I paid 80 pesos from Baguio to New Poblacion Burgos La Union. I went to the public market few steps from the Municipal Health Center along the Naguilan Road. I asked if someone can guide me to Budahaw Falls. Instantly, one lady discourage me not to go alone there. No concrete path to follow and you might get lost or hurt without anyone to help you.

I heed the warning and just settled to go to Towing Falls. I road the bus 10 pesos to Sablan Town proper. Asked around about Towing falls.  You can walk 10 — 15 minutes to the jump off or ride a 15 pesos trike. I chose the latter.

There was a notice that Towing Falls is temporarily closed as of 2011. You can see the path has some roots and dirt cover above them. It seems it was not use for quiet a while.
But i chose to continue since it was only a 10 min downhill descend according to pagnapagna.com.

#Towing Falls.

It was a sight to see! 3 cascades of waterfalls. It was majestic!

Roaring tons of water rush to the catch basin of 3 levels of awesome pools!

45 peso way back to Baguio and that’s it – 150 round freaking trip!

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