I miss Kaffeeklatsch

During this Rainy Season, my best pick to chill during these cold nights is Kaffeeklatsch.

Yes, you pronounced it awkwardly! ha ha ūüôā

It came from the two German words 1) Kaffee = coffee and  2) Klatsch = gossip. It is used as a single word to describe an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation. (thanks heaps Merriam-Webster!)

Kaffeeklatsch is located near Caltex at the corner of City Camp Road, Baguio City.

I definitely miss hanging there, sitting, talking or no talking it’s ok. Just a cup of hot tea (because coffee will make me an insomniac person – have low¬†tolerance to¬†caffeine) .


One cool tip, you can borrow some board games and UNO Stacko if you surrender¬†any valid ID to the cashier as deposit. This is only available from¬†Mondays-Thursdays. I don’t know if this one is true nowadays.

And of course, one of the main reasons why I keep coming back to Kaffeeklatsch, THE BANDS! Talented Musicians and Soulful Vocalists! Nostalgic.

Here’s one of the bands playing regularly in Kaffeeklatsch. Sorry, forgot their name. (edit this soon)

Viva Vigan!

It’s official, Vigan advances to the next round of the international Search for the new Seven wonder Cities of the World!

It feels right that¬†Vigan is¬†on that list! For one, it is a very historical place where some of the oldest churches of our country where built during the Baroque era. Art, culture, music and people mesh with the modern age. Wildlife preservation, and our culture’s heritage are being constantly highlighted and boasted to tourist and the like.

Also since 1999, Vigan has been added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

My experience in Vigan was for sure one of the highlights of my 2013. I went there twice within the same month! It was May 2013!

Congrats and like Puerto Princesa Underground River who is¬†listed as the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Vigan will also be in the list of the World’s New 7 Wonder Cities!!