Enchanted Kingdom

That Enchanted Feeling

Each of us has an inner kid that craves for Amusement parks. Getting giddy riding bump cars, or eating cotton candies while watching street performers and acrobats do spectacular performances. Feeling all pumped up riding roller coasters or even  adventurous enough to get wet and wild for the fun of it.

That’s where Enchanted Kingdom is all for! It has been the top amusement park destination in the country. I have been there thrice, one college field trip, second with my close friends and the recent was the Family day of our company.

Of course on my third comeback to EK, I know what I want to ride. All those adrenaline-packed rides were my target!

First stop is the Disk-O-magic

Then comes Space Shuttle, Jungle Jam, Flying Fiesta and Ekstreme!

Here’s a video of us riding the Anchor’s away

After which, repeated some of the rides again!

Ekstreme was very exhilarating! I never did catch my breath while going down that free fall.

And of course, to cap off the event, there were fireworks


Return to Batulao

If you want to hit that RESET button, there are a number of ways to effectively do that. One of them for me was Mt. Batulao!

The first time I went there last April 12, it was under siege by forest fires. Nonetheless, it was an amazing journey. Traverse the mountain from the Old Trail to the New Trail. We camped at the new campsite it the new trail. star gazed. drank our way to oblivion yet manages to cooked food for the soul.

My return to Mt. Batulao was a spontaneous decision to join my other like minded spontaneous peers. There was no plan for it, but it happened anyway. Just like love, you may not plan to fall in love, but then again, it catches you like cupid shot himself with his arrow. #parangPagibig #segway

Photocredit to Mr. Aleks Paat

Unlike popular beliefs, returning to a place you have visited before for me is never the SAME! The people changes, the experiences changes, the environment  changes and of course, you yourself changes.

Mt. Batulao I’ve seen this Sunday (June 23) was reaching her peak of magnificence. There are still burned areas but unnoticeable. The bald trees have now grown leaves. The grass now as tall as a man are turning its color to that perfect hue of green. All is well for Her.

Our IT for the day hike was go up the summit via the new trail then down the old one. If someone ask me right now which of the two hike patterns would I recommend(past hike vs this hike),  I would say try any of the two, and go back to do the other. There is no comparison, because its two different experiences which are unforgettable! It was challenging for us because we had no ample sleep. But with our perseverance and eagerness, we prevailed!


Peak 8 has the perfect backdrop to an amazing photo! While the summit holds the grandeur of seeing all the peaks plus more of the lands and mountains surrounding Batangas – Tagaytay – Laguna area.


Photocredit to Jepepips for some of the photos

We were the only hikers who were at the summit when we arrived. We owned the place, took selfies, enjoyed the view, Go Pro moments, laughed, cried, reminisce and bask in the beauty of Mt. Batulao.






Microsite for my Adventures

As part of a new found interest, I would be creating Microsites for the places I have been.

Technology to be used: Google Drive + HTML5 + JQuery + CSS3!

I’ll be creating micro sites on the scenes and places and people I have captured. It will be a challenge since I’ll make them with the different emerging web technologies!

My very first Google Drive hosted Web Page:

It is a simple Parallax web page. Find the right resolution to view the site lol. I’m sorry, laziness strikes so it’s not yet responsive.

 Mt. Maculot’s Superman



Seeing a Pattern

Is it me or things just Happen when I climb mountains?

After Mt. Pulag – I had Bell’s Palsy

After Mt. Batulao – While recovering from Bell’s Palsy, I had body aches and fever

After Mt. Daraitan and Tinipak River – Super tanned skin color (lol just kidding, no sickness after this epic adventure)

Recently, after Mt. Maculot, I am suffering now from Prickly Heat.

My body seems adjusting and also trying all sorts of illnesses, just like me trying things and going places. just joking.

Whatever it is, I WILL STILL Practice A happy disposition, an attitude of gratitude, and a sense of Adventure that is DANVENTURES!

feeling Super human!